Hello hello,

My name is Taryn Arnold and you’re happy you’re here (see what I did there?).┬áLet me tell you of the happenings that lead me to start this blog, and why you should read it.

I am a recent college graduate from the prestigious Arizona State University, where I learned more about bike crashes and near-death experiences than anything close to what my teachers called, “entry-level math,” which felt eerily similar to what I imagined to be Calculus 9. I learned that the friends I happened to make in Arizona, while they were amazing, knew significantly less about pop culture than I wanted in order to carry on an equally-exciting conversation about the newest entertainment. There were three occasions in the past month that really pushed me over the edge.

1) A friend from work made a reference to the hip-hop artist “Dr. Drake.” God, bless her heart.

2) The guy that I live with didn’t know who Nicki Minaj was, and watches popular YouTube videos from years ago on the daily, wondering if anyone has seen them before.

3) I recently posted the status “kinda want to wear boots and messy bun on my wedding day. how do we feel about it?” and a great friend of mine who is normally very funny (but was definitely NOT joking this time) commented and said “so kardashian.” There is nothing I could imagine that could’ve been less Kardashian, except maybe going full hobo (although the boots and hair is pretty close).


Those terrible instances pushed me over the edge. My creative juices began to flow and this website was born. I’m here to deliver you the news, so you don’t do anything similar to 1 – 3.

In the words of the life-changing poetic group, The Black Eyed Peas, “Let’s get it started in ha.”