The Hunger Games: Catching Fire IS COMING SO QUICKLY!!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire IS COMING SO QUICKLY!!

Perhaps, in some alternate universe of complete confusion/darkness/insanity, you missed the cinematic wonder that is/was/will always be The Hunger Games. I want to take this time to publicly scold you and tell you that what you did was NOT okay, at all. See- EVERYONE IS UPSET.

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Although I didn’t act like it just then, there is hope. you have exactly 2 months and 5 days to watch it before¬†The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out and everyone leaves you at home alone to cry to yourself while we all watch the premiere.

You see, the trailer has been released and everything* looks perfectly how it should look.

*By everything, I mean my favorite character in all of the land, Finnick, looks exactly as he should. Perfect and chiseled and perfect and did I say chiseled?

finnickWhat I’m trying to get at here is that if you didn’t read the books but you did see the movie, I bet you’re dying to know what happens next, and by golly- I think it’s time you knew. I have four answers to the questions I know you’re having:

  1. Yes, Katniss is awesome and gets crazier in the best way possible. 
  2. Peeta partially mans up, and the questions still remains unanswered on if he could take Katniss in a fight.
  3. Things do heat up with sweet hunk-chunka-burning-love, Gale.
  4. Yes, Finnick really is as chiseled as I believe I described earlier.