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The Couple That Made Me Cry While Singing “Toxic”

Apparently, with age comes great tears. As I’ve gotten older, I have tearful proof that my heart has become a mushy ball of sappy feelings, crying at any chance my little heart can find. Although talent and singing competitions annoyingly saturate the primetime slots on every known channel, The X Factor’s season premiere made me [...]

Update: Miley, Twerk, Job Hunt, TOMS, Bieber’s Instagram

Confession: It has been far too long since I have crafted a video. I woke up this morning, knowing full well that it was time to do so today. In short, it’s time you knew that: I ate too much bread in Europe.  “Twerk” was added to the dictionary, with full definition of how to [...]

Meanwhile, While Miley Can’t Stop…

Didn’t think any positives could come from Miley twerking herself straight into the wilderness? Think again, because I could almost die of laughter after this incredibly cute/annoying/confusingly-well-made parody, by “MattyB Raps.” You must know, this is 1000% serious. Please, comment below with your favorite line or part from this rendition. My personal favorite? “It’s our [...]

Love is in the air

It’s been a wild couple of weeks on my end, and I apologize (to my mom) for not posting a lot on here. Nothing too wild has been happening in the entertainment world, but love is in the air assuredly in my personal life. I’d like to take this time to clarify that the love [...]