Katy Perry Is Back!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since the release of the insanely popular Teenage Dream, but Katy Perry is comin’ in hot with the release of her new single, “Roar” for her upcoming album “Prism,” expected release mid-October.

Perry is known for her fist-pumping anthems and chart topping hits, but what she¬†should be known for is her hilarious promo and music videos. For the release of “Roar”, Perry has also released 4 hilarious promo videos showing that her old teenaged-dream self is literally dying. She’s seen burning her iconic blue (or purple?) wig, followed by her smirking at what seems to be her old self’s funeral.

Check out those promos here.

As for the new hit- it’s insanely good. The single was made available on iTunes today (and is already at #1), but check out this lyric video for a little emoji entertainment.

*Disclaimer- I know lyrical videos are normally made by some toothless creep trying to get some video views, but this one is actually amazing.

SO- What do you think about the new Katy Perry?! My verdict? She’s going to make an awesome upROAR.