Podcast / Long Voicemail 2

Hello again, friends!

Life has been busy but I am so very excited to release my newest podcast episode! IT’S A REAL PODCAST NOW, I SWEAR! If you’re not much of a podcast listener, here are some suggestions; listen while driving, eating a meal, doing chores, painting your nails, working out, working, studying, or any other activity you might do where you breathe (so anything…). I am a personal drive and listen fan- sometimes music gets boring and listening to people talk is much better a solution.

So! If you didn’t know, my podcast is on iTunes! Go to iTunes and type in “It’s Time You Knew”, then, hit subscribe! That way, anytime I post a new podcast, it will download (FOR FREE) straight into your music/podcasts! If you have an iPhone, download the free Podcast app and it’s even easier to access my beautiful voice than you had ever thought.


Comment below; I’d love to know what you think!