Some People Just Have It…

Some People Just Have It…

For some, modeling is a part-time endeavor, somewhat of a hobby if you will. For others, like myself, modeling is life. Learning to find the balance between model life and personal life is nearly impossible; once you hop on the runway roller coaster, it seems there is almost no chance at going back to normality.

Imagine a day in your life: nothing is different, nothing is wild or fascinating. Perhaps you choose to eat breakfast on your back porch- a waffle with a spike of true Canadian maple syrup. Throw in some classic 2% milk for good measure and enjoy. NOW, majority of humans can do this regularly, every day in fact!


The moment I step out onto my porch when the sun peaks over the porsche, I hear gasps and am blinded by the flash of cameras- I could faint in the thrill. My waffle is no longer just an Eggo! My waffle is alluring, elegant and curious- What statement is she making here? Come tomorrow, my waffle graces the cover of Vogue and my face dominates a 4-page spread, centerfold. 

Ladies and gentlemen, empathize with me, I beg- in fact, I ORDER. You don’t understand what it’s like to have the face that I do. While many people would die for the chance at supermodelism, I would trade my allure in a moment. It’s quite a blessing and a curse. While it tends to ruin my everyday travels, meals, and relaxation, I have adapted to the lifestyle and began to embrace it. I’ve started to crave the lights, the cameras and poses.

I am Taryn. I am attractive. Modeling is LIFE.