2013: Rough Start for the Beliebers

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.20.02 PM

photo by Justin Bieber’s Instagram

The new year has undoubtedly been rough for the 18-year-old Canadian pop artist, Justin Bieber; also known as “Biebs” and “perfect.” Although his fame is still on a steady incline (according to twittercounter.com, he gains an average of 48.5 thousand Twitter followers a day), Bieber has rung on 2013 on a rather somber note. Here are the main crises Justin and his Beliebers (his fans) have been facing within only 2 weeks of the new year.

  • On January 1st, a paparazzo photographer was struck and killed by an SUV after capturing photos of Bieber’s white Ferrari on the side of California’s 405 freeway. Justin wasn’t even in the car, as his friend and current 19-year-old sidekick Lil Swift was the only one in the car. He was pulled over on the freeway for speeding.
  • On January 2nd, only a day after the accident, TMZ reported that Bieber was partying and photographed smoking weed at a friends house in Newport Beach, Ca.
  • Immediately after the photos of Justin smoking weed surfaced, a popular virtual bulletin board, 4chan, created “#cutforbieber,” a hashtag that soon went viral by encouraging Beliebers to cut themselves to show Justin the severity of his drug abuse. The hashtag circulated all too fast, and poked fun at the 15% of adolescents struggling with self harm already (according to the New York Times).
  • Lastly, US Weekly reported that the New Mexico state police caught a 3-person team out to torture and murder Bieber. Dana Martin, the 45-year-old ring leader of the crime, was sickly obsessed with Justin, and hired the other two as hit men for the plan. All three threats were captured and confessed.

Needless to say, Justin has had a rough beginning to 2013. I myself am quite the fan of the man-boy, and am beyond excited to see this rocky start redeemed in 13 days when his acoustic album is released on iTunes. Two days ago, the Biebs tweeted about his upcoming album: “Ready? #newmusic – with everything going on I’m gonna tell u myself how I feel. #15days”

Let’s watch him redeem himself. Even if you’re not a fan, you know Justin’s going to pull himself out of this pickle. Can’t wait.

For a sneak peak into this acoustic madness, check out his perfume commercial. If you don’t somewhat like this, you might be asexual. Justin’s Perfume Commercial