Long Voicemail (Podcast) #2

I know many of you couldn’t play the podcast the first time I posted it, so I’m trying a different format and hoping this works better. Comment below at the end!

As you can clearly tell, I like to try new things. I’ll write, act, dance, do voices, record, or do basically anything to embarrass myself for your enjoyment.

At Best Buy recently, I found myself in the music section (a department I have no business being in) looking at shiny microphones. One thing lead to another and within 15 minutes, I left Best Buy with a whole in my wallet and a binge shopping-spree fulfilled. Why would I ever purchase a microphone?

I told myself I would use it to make podcasts. I know absolutely nothing about podcasts besides that fact that I like to enjoy them from time to time, and they usually make me feel smarter. I have always wanted to be an on-air personality, so the fact that I could sit in my room and speak into a microphone alone was enough to keep me enthusiastically busy for hours.

Short story long, here is my first podcast, which I would like to call Long Voicemail #1, because podcasts have educational value, of which this definitely does not. I however, specialize in leaving entertaining voicemails; alas, the new name.