The “Not Now” Button on Facebook

The “Not Now” Button on Facebook

Is there a weirder/more useful button in the history of buttons? Facebook really did everyone a favor with this one.

When someone asks to be your friend on Facebook, your options are few but full of power!

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Confirming their friend request would obviously allow them to access your page, comment and post relentlessly, and become your bud. The Not Now button however, communicates a plethora of hilarious things.

Facebook must have somehow felt that “DENY” was too rude and definitive. It meant that it was over- you cannot now and will never be my Facebook friend. Ever. So, Facebook came up with a much gentler, less blatant approach. Instead of denying someone your friendship (basically showing that you want zero updates on their life at all), you could put it off and treat them like a child asking for candy, saying, “not now honey.”

Do not fear, rejected people of Facebook! Not Now implies that you still have a chance (just not now)! This button indicates that for whatever reason you were rejected, you can shape up, change, or bribe your way into a future Facebook relationship with your target. There’s hope!

Possible Reasons You’ve Been Not Now’ed:

  1. The person assumes you’ll post too much. 
  2. You’re the worst.
  3. You are a complete stranger with an alarming profile picture.
  4. You’re an ex or somehow related to an ex.
  5. You have salmonella.

Possible Ways To Redeem Yourself After Being Not Now’ed:

  1. Stop doing what you’re doing.
  2. Rid yourself of salmonella.
  3. Learn a really cool skill and post occasional videos (on FB) of you doing said skill.
  4. Become famous- then they’ll be friending you. Good job!
  5. Be not the worst!