Miley Cyrus Twerks in Unicorn Suit

In what is probably the weirdest/best video I have ever seen, miss Miley Cyrus wears a unicorn onesie and twerks to “Wop.”

Three things to take away from this:

1) Everything you need to know about dancing has just been revealed to you in this confusingly-filmed tutorial. If you are EVER confused on what to do up in da club, this is your answer. Always. Never second guess or try any move that was not included here. This is as close to perfect as one can get, I think.

2) Miley Cyrus is absolutely crazy, in a good way. Where is she? In a cloud? With a unicorn suit? Why did she do this? What is she even doing right now? Where did she learn these moves? Why doesn’t she do this full time? Basically, Miley is a hidden gem.

3) Do not call this a frog suit. She tweeted clearing up the UNBELIEVABLE rumors that this was a frog suit. Jeez people, know your animals.